January 2011



Cut the rope

adapted to
  • Nintendo 3DS

about the game

For those few of you who haven’t had the chance to play this game, here’s a quick summary. One day you receive a mysterious box, and in this box lives a little green creature called Om Nom. Your job in each of the 125 levels is to get the rope-suspended candy to Om Nom, by strategically cut the rope(s) at the right spot, on exactly the right moment.

rated out of 5n/a

about the project

We’ve partnered up with Chillingo to bring one of the best iOS games ever to Nintendo’s popular handheld the Nintendo DSi. This unique port included a re-imagining of the layout to fit the unique dual-screen layout of the device and we optimized the great original artwork to look as crisp as it did on iOS.

Cut the rope
Cut the rope
Cut the rope

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