February 2014



Double Dragon Neon

adapted to
  • Steam
  • Windows

about the game

Legendary martial artists, Billy and Jimmy Lee return in this creative re-imagining of the classic beat ‘em up, Double Dragon Neon. Fight your way through countless henchmen including Linda and Abobo on your way to rescue the love of your life, Marian! Trained in the special form of martial arts called Sōsetsuken, hunt down and defeat the evil Skullmageddon!

rated out of 53,5

about the project

Getting beat ’em up game controls in adaptations to feel good on their new platforms can be challenging, but with Double Dragon Neon the controls are designed to inspire a nostalgic coin-op feel and are rather ‘digital’. This meant we had to maintain that impression in our adaptation, which in the end didn’t require too much tweaking to achieve.


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