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You are just a few clicks away from being the owner of one of the first Abstraction NFTs! Scroll down to unwrap our gift for you. 

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You are just 5 minutes away from receiving our gift.

but how?

why did we create our own nft?

Maybe you have heard about our collaboration with Mythical Games, where we will be using Abstraction’s proprietary technology to power a new game integrated within Mythical’s blockchain-based economy system. Well now you are one of the few to hear about our latest project: the first Abstraction NFT created from art used in the development of our own IP called “Reticulum”, slated to be released in late 2022.

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our own ip: reticulum

Reticulum aims to push the Point-and-Click adventure genre to the next level. While we are tackling the classical problems that come with the genre, we are also crafting a thought provoking adventure. It’s a game in which players can puzzle their way through thrilling environments, to get to the core of a compelling mystery. We can’t wait to share more with you as the project develops throughout 2022.

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I don’t have a cryptocurrency wallet yet. How can I create one?

how to create a cryptocurrency wallet

For us to be able to transfer the NFT to you, you’ll need to own a wallet on OpenSea. If you don’t have one yet, don’t worry! We have written a quick and easy guide on how to create your own cryptocurrency wallet in under 5 minutes. You can download our guide via the button below.

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I want to give my NFT to someone else

give it to someone special

Since the Holiday season is all about sharing, you can also give your NFT ownership to someone else. If you would like to do this, please share their name and e-mail address with us via welcome@abstraction.games and we’ll make sure they’ll receive the gift meant for you.

To be able to transfer the NFT to your cryptocurrency wallet, we’ll need a little bit of information from you.

Fill in the form below and we’ll transfer your NFT to your wallet. 

We have a limited run of sequentially numbered artwork from our collection on OpenSea. Fill in the form below in order to secure your own unique number.

*You can fill in your information until 14 January, after which we will transfer your NFT to your Cryptocurrency wallet on 18 January.*

What is an NFT?

NFT's explained

NFTs transform digital works of art and other collectibles into verifiable assets that are easy to trade. They really are the latest cryptocurrency phenomenon to go mainstream. A non-fungible, one-of-a-kind trading item.

If you have any questions regarding our first Abstraction NFT, please feel free to contact us via welcome@abstraction.games