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We create games and adaptations that push the boundaries of the genre. For that to happen, we need great people who default to challenging the status quo and aim for excellence!



explore the heartbeat of our studio through the numbers that define us.


abstraction appears out of thin air


abstractioners and counting


abstractioner nationalities


skus brought to life with the abstraction touch

f*ck best practices

That’s right. We said it. F*ck best practices. We advocate a first-principle approach over simply following best practices. Best practices can serve as a starting point, but real innovation demands that we go beyond what's given. Get comfortable with risk-taking and pioneering new paths. We acknowledge that challenges are a part of breaking new ground. What's crucial is the learning and resilience you demonstrate in facing them. If you grow, we grow.

abstraction - fuck best practices

What’s better than getting paid for something you’re already passionate about? Over 50 people have already chosen Abstraction. From all over the globe they join forces in order to build what’s next. Here's why.

  • top notch material
  • endless variety of game projects
  • your opinion matters
  • unity in diversity
  • agency over your work
  • a pretty competitive salary

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Select the position you're eyeing at the top of this page and kickstart your adventure with us by sending your CV, cover letter, and if you're a creative, your portfolio. Ace the first interview, delve into details with your potential team, and wrap it up with a personalized visit to our studio in the Netherlands for the ultimate Abstraction experience, including a hosted weekend stay.