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Gods Will Be Watching

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Game Maker 7


Point-and-click Adventure


Game Adaptation

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Gods Will Be Watching - 2015 - game view
 Gods Will Be Watching - 2015 - characters
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about the project

While the differences between mobile and PC hardware are getting smaller, they were still the biggest challenge with this adaptation. This is an area where our technical knowledge and experienced team really made a difference, and allowed us to overcome issues that other studios might have had difficulty with. We also had our custom GameBaker environment which helped a great deal in getting the existing UI code working well on touch devices – you can read more about GameBaker here.

about the game

Gods Will Be Watching is a point-and-click adventure game that delves into the darker side of human morality under pressure. Set across various high-stakes scenarios—from hostage situations to survival in a deadly virus outbreak—this game challenges players to make difficult decisions with severe consequences. Each chapter tests survival strategies, ethical dilemmas, and the ability to endure psychological stress, all while managing resources and team morale.

The minimalist art style and narrative depth emphasize the gravity of choices and their impact on others' lives. Gods Will Be Watching is a compelling exploration of the complexities of leadership, sacrifice, and the will to survive in the face of impossible odds.

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