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Knytt: Underground


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about the project

Abstraction Games were pleased to bring Knytt: Underground to the PS3 and PS Vita, with the standout visual style and exploration platforming action running smoothly and feeling just right.

about the game

Knytt Underground is a mesmerizing exploration game that weaves together the enchanting worlds of the Knytt series and the challenging gameplay of Within a Deep Forest. Players embark on a vast adventure through a beautifully detailed and mysterious landscape, filled with hidden paths, secrets, and obstacles. The game combines serene exploration with intricate platforming challenges, inviting players to leap, climb, and swing their way through a diverse array of environments. The story, rich in mythology and intrigue, tasks players with completing quests that delve into themes of existence, freedom, and the nature of the universe.

The visually stunning underground world, complemented by an atmospheric soundtrack, creates an immersive experience that encourages curiosity and reflection. Knytt Underground offers a unique blend of tranquility and excitement, making it a standout title for those who love to explore and uncover the secrets of a richly imagined world.

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