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SNK Heroines - 2019 - Nintendo Switch - MultiplayerSNK Heroines - characters - 2019

SNK Heroines

adapted to
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Windows
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SNK Corporation



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original platform

PlayStation 4

SNK Heroines - characters - 2019 - Nintendo Switch
SNK Heroines - 2019 - Nintendo Switch - Multiplayer

about the game

Take control of SNK’s most iconic female characters and battle it out in this crazy tag fighting game featuring a plethora of cute costumes and accessories! With one button special moves and a deep but simplified combo system, this is a great game for fighting game fans and newcomers alike!

As the game's title suggests, SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy is a versus fighting game where each player uses two characters per fight but the players also choose an "Attacker" that serves as the playable character as well as a "Supporter" that assist the former. In contrast to other fighting games, it is impossible to defeat the enemy with a normal move, necessitating the use of a finishing move called the "Dream Finish". A move button can protect the character, while items are included for further gameplay features.

The game offers a story with different dialogues occurring depending on the characters fighting. Each character has additional costumes; cosmetic items are available to the players if they wish to change their characters' visual appearances. There is an online mode alongside an Spectator Mode where players can see other people's fights.

about the project

One of the coolest yet most difficult aspects of the project was the controller tailoring. Everything in the game and it's UI was thought out for the limited set of buttons available on a console controller and each player should be assigned to one controller. On the other hand, on PC we wanted a fully tailored experience where keyboard support must be fully supported; this brings up issues like having multiple players on just one keyboard, having almost all keys assignable, solving conflicting keys between multiple players, multiple keyboard layouts, typing for multiple languages, etc. On top of that, all of the UI had to support the keyboard as well as menu navigation and tutorials. It was quite a challenge, but looking at the end result it was definitely worth testing with over 10+ different input devices!

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