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A boy and his blob







about the project

Along with many other platforms, we adapted A Boy and His Blob for Linux, which can be tricky. Issues such as drivers not being up to par with those on Windows or Mac, the window manager often being rather unfriendly to users, and the sheer number of different distributions out there can make things interesting to say the least! But Abstraction Games has the expertise to negotiate these challenges, and we’re happy that the Linux version of A Boy and His Blob meets our high standards.

about the game

A Boy and His Blob is a heartwarming puzzle-platformer that tells the tale of a young boy and his alien blob companion on a mission to save the blob's home planet from an evil emperor. The game is renowned for its innovative gameplay, where the boy can feed the blob a variety of jelly beans to transform it into useful tools and objects, such as ladders, trampolines, and cannons. These transformations are key to solving puzzles and overcoming obstacles throughout their journey. The beautiful hand-drawn art style and touching narrative bring the characters' bond to life, creating an emotional and engaging experience.

This reimagined version of the classic game deepens the original's gameplay with more intricate puzzles and expansive environments to explore. 'A Boy and His Blob' not only challenges players' problem-solving skills but also touches their hearts, making it a timeless adventure of friendship and courage.

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