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Cut the rope - 2011 - 1Cut the rope - 2011 - Nintendo 3DS - In game

Cut the rope

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Cut the rope - 2011 - Nintendo 3DS - candy
Cut the rope - 2011 - Nintendo 3DS

about the project

We’ve partnered up with Chillingo to bring one of the best iOS games ever to Nintendo’s popular handheld the Nintendo DSi. This unique port included a re-imagining of the layout to fit the unique dual-screen layout of the device and we optimized the great original artwork to look as crisp as it did on iOS.

about the game

Cut the Rope is a captivating puzzle game that combines physics-based challenges with a simple yet addictive gameplay mechanic. Players must cut ropes in a sequence that will cause the candy to fall into the mouth of Om Nom, a small green creature with an insatiable appetite for sweets. Each level introduces new obstacles and tools, from bubbles that float the candy upwards to air blowers that push it across the screen.

With its charming graphics, intuitive controls, and progressively challenging levels, Cut the Rope tests players' problem-solving skills and timing precision. This game not only delights with its endearing character but also engages the mind, making it a beloved classic for players of all ages.

client quote

"When we asked Abstraction to convert our iOS titles to other platforms we were really impressed by their flexibility, work ethic and endless effort they spent on customising and polishing the ports in order to make them outstanding products in their own right."

Chris Bayatte, Managing Director and Co-Founder, Chillingo Ltd.

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