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about the project

Gunpoint was the second GameMaker game we adapted, with the original Hotline Miami being the first. We would go on to put a significant effort into improving the underlying technology we used in GameMaker adaptations, which would be used in Hotline Miami 2, Gods Will Be Watching and the Hotline Miami Android release. You can read more about this technical achievement, which would become GameBaker, along with our work on Hotline Miami 2.

While working on the Gunpoint port it really hit home just how many little things can go wrong when you’re running a simulation of something you don’t fully control and can’t easily get compete information about. In case this wasn’t enough, Gunpoint also came with a level editor which relied on implicit behaviors in GameMaker itself, which we had to investigate and accommodate in the new environment we created for the adaptation. In the hands of a less experienced studio, you might have expected to see the level editor simply disappear on new platforms, dismissed as being ‘too difficult to port’, but part of the adaptation process is rejecting such decisions and making sure the complete game makes it to the new platform, with all the bells and whistles. Despite the challenges, that’s what we did with Gunpoint in 2014 as we moved it to a new engine of our own design, which opened the door for the editor as well as Mac and Linux ports, while boosting performance for everyone.

about the game

Gunpoint is a stealth-based puzzle-platformer that invites players into the shadowy world of espionage and intrigue. Players take on the role of a freelance spy, equipped with gadgets that defy the laws of physics, such as the ability to leap great distances or rewire electronic devices to manipulate the environment to their advantage. The game's unique hacking mechanic allows players to creatively solve puzzles and navigate through levels without being detected by guards or security cameras.

Set against a backdrop of noir-inspired storytelling, Gunpoint challenges players to think tactically, offering multiple solutions to every challenge. With its blend of clever design, witty dialogue, and engaging gameplay, Gunpoint is a thrilling adventure in the life of a modern-day digital spy.

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