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Double Dragon Neon







about the project

Getting beat ’em up game controls in adaptations to feel good on their new platforms can be challenging, but with Double Dragon Neon the controls are designed to inspire a nostalgic coin-op feel and are rather ‘digital’. This meant we had to maintain that impression in our adaptation, which in the end didn’t require too much tweaking to achieve.

about the game

Double Dragon Neon reignites the flame of the classic beat 'em up genre, infusing it with vibrant 80s flair and a fresh, humorous twist. Players step into the shoes of martial arts masters Billy and Jimmy Lee on a quest to rescue Marian from the clutches of the evil Skullmageddon. This revival enhances the traditional side-scrolling action with new mechanics, including a dynamic 'mixtape' system that lets players customize abilities and power-ups by collecting and upgrading tapes throughout their journey.

The game's exaggerated art style and soundtrack, filled with synth-pop and rock anthems, perfectly encapsulate the era it pays homage to, delivering both nostalgia and innovation. Double Dragon Neon is not just a trip down memory lane; it's a full-blown revival that brings the best of the past into the present, offering a co-op experience that's both challenging and wildly entertaining.

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