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With a talented team of engineers, designers, artists, QA and producers, there is no PC or console game challenge that we couldn't take on. Discover why Abstraction is a trusted partner for many respected game publishers in the industry.  


what we do

We are a creative game studio on a mission to be best of class in work for hire as well as developing the most engaging game experiences based on our own IP. We are also experts at game adaptation to and from 16 core game platforms.

what we offer
Abstraction - game drawing


“It has taken us 15 years to get here, but what started as a means to an end became a craft of its own and one that we evolved from individual software development services, through creative ports and carefully crafted adaptations all the way to co-development and creating new episodes for our partners' various high-end game products and one that is now enabling us to not only envision but actually execute on our own visionary concepts with ample experience in the field”

Ralph Egas, Co-Founder, CEO and CCO