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With a talented team of engineers, designers, artists, QA and producers, there is no PC or console game challenge that we couldn't take on. Discover why Abstraction is a trusted partner for many respected game publishers in the industry.  


what we do

Abstraction is a creative game development studio with a mission to be best of class in work for hire as well as developing the most engaging game experiences based on its own IP. Engaging with more creative co-development and DLC projects recently, we are now in production on an internal game based on an original IP.

what we offer
  • game content creation

  • support services

  • game adaptation

our approach and your milestones
  • step 01Discovery

    We need to get to know you and your IP. So we kick-off with a conference call. Based on your input and our experience we show you what we can do for you.

  • step 02Proposal

    We present a proposal promptly, showing you exactly how we can create value for your product, what the timeframe looks like, and what the cost breakdown will be.

  • step 03Porting

    We preserve 100% of original game functionality and leave the game code untouched. Any changes we make are strictly platform-specific.

  • step 04Tailoring

    We think games deserve adaptations that strive to surpass the original. We tailor the port to the target platfom, by changing and adding features to make it feel perfect.

  • step 05Certification

    The product goes through a quality assurance process. We then see to it that the product gets certified on the target, ready for release.

Abstraction - game drawing