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Hotline Miami - 2013

Hotline Miami

adapted to
  • PlayStation 4
  • Steam
  • Windows
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Dennaton Games & Devolver



game engine

Game Maker 7


Top Down Shooter


Game Adaptation

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Hotline Miami - 2013 - characters
Hotline Miami - 2013 - in game
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about the project

We managed to get the game running with a smooth 60 frames per second on both PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®Vita and we greatly improved the stability of the game to a rock-solid level. The controls are completely optimized for both systems with an improved locking system (using the front touch screen of the PSVita). Naturally, we added Trophies, Online Leaderboards, Cloud saving and synchronization between the two console and to top things off we even added a completely new mask, exclusive to the PlayStation® versions.

about the game

Hotline Miami plunges players into a neon-drenched underworld of crime and retribution, where fast-paced action meets a gripping, surreal narrative. Set in an alternative 1989 Miami, this top-down shooter challenges players with its brutal difficulty and stylized violence. Each level is a puzzle of bloodshed, requiring quick reflexes, strategic planning, and a willingness to embrace the game's trial-and-error approach. The pulsating soundtrack and distinctive visual style create an immersive experience, while the mysterious storyline, revolving around themes of identity and morality, compels players to question their motivations and the consequences of their in-game actions.

Hotline Miami is not just a game; it's a visceral journey into the heart of darkness, where every choice has weight and every action echoes through the neon-soaked streets.

client quote

“Huge thanks to the great folks at @PlayStation that absolutely love @HotlineMiami and the fine work of @Abstraction on bringing it over.”

Nigel Lowrie, Head of Production, Devolver Digital

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