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Ark Aberration - 2017Ark AberrationArk Aberration

Ark Aberration

adapted to
  • PlayStation 4
  • Steam
  • Windows
key info

Studio Wildcard — Instinct Games — Efecto Studios — Virtual Basement LLC



game engine



Action Adventure


Game Adaptation

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Ark Aberration - 2017 - PlayStation Steam Xbox
Ark Aberration - 2017 - PlayStation Steam Xbox - in game

about the project

Abstraction Games was given the task to co-develop ARK’s next expansion while the developers were working on releasing the game from early access. It was important to provide something new and fresh for the players while also staying true to the core experience and what the developers were looking for. With the core game still receiving regular updates it was also important to regularly incorporate these into the expansion. We also worked on the PS4 adaptation at the same time, which required internal communication to make sure we could already take this into account during development.

about the game

Ark: Aberration transports players to a derelict, cavernous ARK with a damaged ecosystem, challenging survivors with new levels of danger and strategic gameplay. In this expansion for Ark: Survival Evolved, players must navigate a hostile environment filled with radiation, environmental hazards, and a range of new creatures adapted to this subterranean world. 

The introduction of novel mechanics like climbing, gliding, and zip-lining enables players to explore the ARK's diverse biomes in innovative ways. Crafting is essential for survival, with gear like hazmat suits required to venture into the most dangerous areas. Ark: Aberration emphasizes survival against the odds, pushing players to adapt to its twisted, fantastical landscapes and uncover the secrets lying in the depths.

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