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Hotline Miami - 2013

Hotline Miami Collection

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  • Nintendo Switch
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Dennaton Games




Top-Down Shooter


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Hotline Miami Collection - 2019 - Nintendo Switch - Trailer
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about the project

Adaptation - The Hotline Miami Collection project was all about bringing Hotline Miami 1&2 to Switch and Xbox One.  Both of these games are timeless classics and we wanted to do them justice by putting them both in a single bundle. To make sure the users can easily swap between the two games without breaking immersion, we built a custom-made launcher that is unique to this version of the game.

about the game

Hotline Miami Collection thrusts players into a neon-soaked, visceral world of fast-paced action and brutal consequences. This compilation includes both Hotline Miami and Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, offering a complete journey through the series' notorious blend of tight gameplay, pulsating soundtrack, and a surreal narrative that questions the nature of violence.

Set in an alternate 1989 Miami, players don the mask of various antiheroes to engage in high-octane, top-down shooting and melee combat, where every level demands precision, strategy, and an almost psychic foresight to survive and uncover the dark truths behind the bloodshed. Hotline Miami Collection is not just a game; it's a challenge to the player's morality, reflexes, and resolve.

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“If there was a prize for “Kings of Porting”, then @Abstraction would be receiving it right now for their superb @HotlineMiami rendition!"

Shahid Kamal Ahmad, Business Development Manager, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

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