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Last Oasis 2021Last Oasis 2021 - Xbox One - In gameLast Oasis 2021 - Xbox One

Last Oasis

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Last Oasis 2021 - Xbox One
Last Oasis 2021 - Xbox One - In game
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about the project

Adaptation - Abstraction joined the project to take care of the console version and introduce controller support to both the console and original version on Steam, while the game was still in early access, making the process quite different from a typical adaptation.

Regular changes took place which we had to integrate while safeguarding the platforms’ requirements, to be able to submit for Game Preview and eventually full game release.

We had a great opportunity, alongside taking care of the console version, to assist in finding & fixing original issues and collaborate on UI/UX to help Donkey Crew in their pursuit to keep making this title better every day!  

about the game

Last Oasis presents a post-apocalyptic vision of Earth, where players navigate a dried-up world with the help of massive, wind-powered walking machines. In this nomadic survival MMO, the remnants of humanity must continuously move to escape the scorching sun in a world where the day/night cycle dictates survival.

Players gather resources, craft gear, and build mobile bases to explore, trade, or wage war in an ever-changing landscape. Strategic alliances and conflicts with other nomads play a crucial role, as does mastering the art of navigation using the game’s unique vehicles. Last Oasis combines survival mechanics with large-scale multiplayer interactions, offering a dynamic, evolving world that challenges players to adapt or perish.

    client quote

    We've partnered with Abstraction Games on several Unreal projects in the open world survival genre at this point. They are truly masters of their craft and have helped us to create compelling ports to console platforms.

    Peter Kang, COO, Snail Games

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