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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition 2020Mass Effect: Legendary Edition 2020 - LaunchMass Effect: Legendary Edition 2020 - Character

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Creative Co-Development

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition 2020 - Launch
Mass Effect: Legendary Edition 2020 - Character
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about the project

Support Services - This project was interesting in the sense that both parties knew from the start that they wanted to collaborate. We at Abstraction knew we could contribute greatly and BioWare came in open to the potential opportunity based on our track record. The partnership hit the ground running and has been picking up speed ever since. Abstraction’s main task was to help with optimizations and improvements, mostly on graphical related issues. Mass Effect is a saga for the ages, and Abstraction has been working tirelessly to bring the Trilogy back in top form. For further details please read the User Case - enjoy!

about the game

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition offers an unparalleled journey through the galaxy with the definitive version of this beloved sci-fi trilogy. Players assume the role of Commander Shepard, embarking on a mission to save the universe from an ancient threat. This edition enhances the saga with remastered graphics, offering breathtaking visuals across countless planets and deep space.

The collection includes over 40 DLCs, providing an expansive narrative experience. Players make choices that profoundly impact the galaxy's fate, shaping relationships and alliances. Engaging combat, rich storytelling, and dynamic character development make Mass Effect: Legendary Edition a must-play, inviting both longtime fans and newcomers to experience the epic saga like never before.

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