Stranded Deep | Nintendo Switch | 2021 · abstraction
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Stranded Deep


Beam Team Games & North Beach Games




Adventure/Survival, Indie


Co Development

about the game

Take on the role of a plane crash survivor stranded somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Come face to face with life-threatening scenarios that alter the way the adventure plays out every time. Scavenge. Discover. Survive.

about the project

We had the pleasure of working with Beam Team and North Beach Games on bringing Stranded Deep to the Nintendo Switch! Drawing on experiences from past projects we had some interesting challenges to over come through development, most notably keeping the graphical quality to par while also hitting frame rate expectations. We also took on the task of implementing some features from the PC version such as item piles and adding Japanese support so players from all over the world can Scavenge. Discover. Survive. On the go.

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