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Surgeon Simulator 2 - 2021Surgeon Simulator 2 - scene - 2021Surgeon Simulator 2

Surgeon Simulator 2

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Surgeon Simulator 2 - 2021 -  Xbox Series X - Xbox One
Surgeon Simulator 2 - scene - 2021
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Adaptation - Our assignment was to bring “Surgeon Simulator 2: Access All Areas” to Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. This was an exciting prospect on multiple fronts since we got to work on a great IP, with a great partner in Bossa Studios, and it was our first opportunity to leverage 9th generation console hardware in such a project.

There were several really interesting challenges from both design and engineering perspectives, and we tackled them while working closely alongside the team at Bossa Studios. One such challenge was bringing the robust ‘Creation Mode’ to consoles using controller input.  

This took several iterations to make sure that console players would be as unhindered as their PC counterparts, and would be able to create and share their levels with players across the Xbox family. 

about the game

Surgeon Simulator 2 elevates the chaotic and humorous surgery simulation to new heights of mayhem and madness. Building on the infamy of its predecessor, this game introduces a fully 3D environment where precision meets pandemonium in the operating room. Players navigate through a series of increasingly improbable surgical procedures, using an array of tools that are often as unconventional as they are unfit for traditional medical practices.

With options for solo play or cooperative multiplayer, friends can join the fray, leading to even more hilarious outcomes. Surgeon Simulator 2 not only tests players' dexterity and teamwork but also their ability to laugh in the face of surgical disaster. It's a wild ride through the world of medicine where anything can happen, and usually does.

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“Working with Abstraction on porting Surgeon Simulator 2 to Xbox was a great experience. Abstraction delivered a mix of expertise, professionalism and flexibility necessary for a simultaneous release. They went above and beyond during our release window"

Sylvain Cornillon, CTO, Bossa Studios

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