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June 2017


SNK Corporation

The King of Fighters XIV

adapted to
  • Steam
  • Windows

about the game

The King of Fighters XIV is the newest entry in the King of Fighters series since 2010, bringing the same iconic gameplay from earlier entries, with 50 characters in the base game each duking it out in multiplayer battles or through a single-player story mode.

rated out of 54

about the project

Maintaining the smooth controls and flow of the battles when adapting from PS4 to PC was a central focus as with any fighting game – when reactions and intuition are a key part of the gameplay, it’s even more important to make sure your game is properly adapted to new platforms, since minor irritations or carelessly clunky controls will seriously damage the player experience. We take the extra care to avoid common pitfalls and aim to ensure that players won’t even be aware that the game wasn’t originally developed for their chosen platform!