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The Sexy Brutale - 2017The Sexy Brutale - 2017m - PlayStation Xbox One - church

The Sexy Brutale

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  • PlayStation 4
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The Sexy Brutale - 2017m - PlayStation Xbox One - game view
The Sexy Brutale - 2017m - PlayStation Xbox One - casino mansion
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about the project

Demonstrating the flexibility of Abstraction Studios, during this adaption we were not taking a finished product from PC to consoles, but instead worked with the developers of the Steam version of the game while the game was still work in progress.

This meant there was a constant stream of dependencies back and forth, and required thorough and effective communication from both sides. Luckily we’re well practiced at this kind of collaboration, and it was a pleasure to work with a new team of like-minded people as we adapted another beautiful game.

about the game

The Sexy Brutale is a unique and captivating puzzle-adventure game set within the sprawling mansion of a never-ending masked ball. Players take on the role of Lafcadio Boone, a priest who must use his ability to relive the same day repeatedly to save the mansion's guests from their deadly fates. By spying, eavesdropping, and learning the guests' routines, players can alter the events of the day to prevent each murder.

The game intricately weaves together the stories of its characters with a rich, darkly comic narrative, all set against the backdrop of the mansion's opulent, yet sinister, atmosphere. With its distinctive art style, compelling time-loop mechanic, and immersive storytelling, The Sexy Brutale offers a deeply engaging experience that blends the thrill of solving a mystery with the satisfaction of piecing together a larger, more complex narrative puzzle.

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