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TMNT: Master Splinter's Training Pack


WayForward, Magic Pocket



about the project

It was a pleasure to work with Activision on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IP, even though all we did was combining two individual 3DS titles into one package. One might not suspect the need for engineering to be substantial but there’s quite a few technical pitfalls to pre-empt and cover gracefully. This was also our first ever cartridge based title project!

about the game

TMNT: Master Splinter’s Training Pack offers fans of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles an immersive experience, blending action, strategy, and puzzle-solving in a unique training simulation. Guided by Master Splinter, players develop their skills through a series of challenges that reflect the training regimen of the iconic ninja turtles. Each segment of the game focuses on a different aspect of ninja training, from mastering combat techniques to honing stealth abilities and solving complex puzzles that test the mind.

This game not only captures the spirit and camaraderie of the TMNT universe but also introduces innovative gameplay mechanics that encourage players to think and act like a ninja. With a variety of missions and mini-games that cater to different play styles, TMNT: Master Splinter’s Training Pack is both a tribute to the franchise and a fresh take on the action-adventure genre, offering endless entertainment and skill-building opportunities.

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