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Kick & Fennick


Jaywalkers Interactive





about the project

“With Kick & Fennick, we tried to create a unique platforming experience. We’ve had fantastic reactions and can’t wait for a wider audience to be able to play through it,” said Vincent Bonefaas, Co-Founder of Jaywalkers Interactive. “Platforming fans looking for a breath of fresh air in the genre should definitely check it out, and we can’t wait to hear their feedback.”

Taking charge of both publishing and adapting a game allowed us to manage timelines, pricing and additional features more effectively – of course we’d still consult closely with the original developers to ensure that they were happy with our choices.

Abstraction Games is proud to have helped to release and publish Jaywalkers first masterpiece on the big screens!

about the game

Kick & Fennick is a platform adventure game that introduces players to an unlikely duo: a young boy named Kick and his robotic companion, Fennick. Together, they embark on a journey through a vibrant, futuristic world filled with intricate puzzles, menacing enemies, and challenging obstacles. The game's core mechanic revolves around Kick's energy gun, which is used not only for battling foes but also for propulsion, allowing Kick to leap great distances and navigate the game's imaginative environments. This unique approach to movement and combat creates a fresh and engaging gameplay experience, blending precision platforming with dynamic action sequences.

The bond between Kick and Fennick is at the heart of the game, driving the narrative and adding emotional depth to their adventure. With its striking visuals, innovative gameplay, and heartwarming story, Kick & Fennick delivers a memorable experience that appeals to players of all ages, offering a mix of challenge, exploration, and friendship.

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