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about the project

The adaptation of Don’t Starve from PC to PS3 involved some complex technical work in applying optimization strategies to system memory usage, and caching and reusing memory in a smarter way than is necessary on PC. This kind of work requires extremely thorough testing across every area of the game to make sure things don’t break in specific cases when replacing seemingly redundant logic and making other changes.

The hard work done by our QA and the care we take to make sure that things not only work, but work well, is one of the advantages of an adaptation over a basic port. If you choose Abstraction Games you’ll never be left stuck with a port that technically works but suffers from terrible performance, and Don’t Starve is an excellent example of not only our technical expertise, but also our passion for the games we are adapting.

about the game

Don’t Starve: Giant Edition combines the uncompromising wilderness survival game with its expansion, offering a comprehensive experience that tests players' ability to explore, adapt, and ultimately survive in a dark and whimsical world. Players are dropped into a randomly generated landscape brimming with strange creatures, dangers, and surprises. With no instructions, they must gather resources, craft items, and build shelters to protect against the elements and monsters that lurk in the shadows. The game stands out for its unique art style, blending Tim Burton-esque visuals with a touch of dark humor, creating an engaging and often eerie atmosphere.

The addition of the 'Giant Edition' introduces new characters, biomes, and seasonal challenges, including formidable giants that add to the game's depth and difficulty. It’s a test of strategy, wit, and endurance, as players balance the daily tasks of survival with the constant threat of the unknown. Don’t Starve: Giant Edition is not just about enduring the wilderness; it’s about mastering it.

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