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Titan Souls


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about the project

Adapted for both the big screen and the small screen, we made sure it had perfect controls, a silky smooth frame rate and cross save between PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Our proprietary engine SilverWare made the adaptation process very smooth for all platforms.

about the game

Titan Souls stands as a minimalist masterpiece within the action-adventure genre, offering a pure and challenging experience centered around one simple mechanic: one hit, one kill. Set in a vast, mysterious world, players assume the role of a lone archer on a quest to conquer the colossal Titans. Each Titan presents a unique puzzle to solve, requiring players to discover and exploit their vulnerabilities with a single arrow, emphasizing precision, timing, and strategy. The game's minimalist design extends to its controls and visuals, featuring beautifully crafted pixel art and a haunting soundtrack that complements the solitary nature of the quest.

This design philosophy creates a tense, rewarding gameplay experience where each battle is a heart-pounding encounter, and victory feels like a true achievement. Titan Souls bridges the gap between traditional boss rush games and modern indie innovation, offering an unforgettable journey that tests your skill.

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