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  • PlayStation 4
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M2H BlackMill Games



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Fisrt Person Shooter


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Verdun 2016 - PlayStation Xbox One
Verdun 2016 - PlayStation Xbox One - In game
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about the project

As with ARK, Verdun received a number of updates while we were working on our adaptation, which meant that we had to incorporate those into our work. While this certainly keeps you on your toes, we have the experience to be able to handle these kinds of in-progress additions without getting bogged down and risk compromising the final quality of the adaptation.

about the game

Verdun transports players to the trenches of the First World War, offering an authentic, squad-based multiplayer experience rooted in the historical battles of the Western Front. As one of the few FPS games dedicated to WWI, Verdun emphasizes realism and historical accuracy, from period-appropriate weapons and uniforms to the harsh realities of trench warfare.

Players must work together within their units to capture or defend trenches, utilizing strategy, teamwork, and a deep understanding of the era's combat. Verdun stands out for its commitment to depicting the gritty atmosphere of WWI, providing a challenging and immersive experience that honors the memory of those who fought in the Great War.

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