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creative co-development

since 2007

In addition to our technical muscle, Abstraction also has a small yet highly specialized creative team which is constantly looking for ways to improve games. From simple UI tweaks to more holistic UX realignments, our designers are trained to pick apart what works and what doesn’t, and offer substantiated practical solutions that increase product value time and time again.

Internal development is where the gloves come off. Abstraction is on a path to develop not only its own games, but also technologies that will leave a big enough footprint for other companies to follow. Our team of creatives is always looking to push the boundaries of play and - supported by a crew of relentless technical innovators - is hard at work on fresh ideas.

For an example of our game development work, please see the Surviving Mars trailer below, where we are proud of our work on the Below and Beyond DLC. For further details see our Surving Mars game page

For an overview of our portfolio of co-development projects and content creation please visit our Softography.

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