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game adaptation


Porting games is how Abstraction got started. A simple question of make “A” work on “B”, but a question that is even now being brute-forced more than anything else. While Abstraction has a proven track record of doing quick and reliable porting work, we are also constantly in search of more elegant and intelligent solutions to porting problems. By thinking outside the box and learning from mistakes we make sure that our practices are sound, our ports sturdy, and our clients happy.

For examples of all our game adaptation work, please take a look at our Softography

  • step 01rfp

    Your RFP comes in either through our website, our agent or our own network. We will normally ask you to complete a Questionnaire or we would go through it in an Introductory Call. Based on the details provided we would then qualify the game, review our resource schedule and inform you whether we are able to proceed with a formal assessment

  • step 02assessment

    We take about two-four weeks to do a thorough technical assessment of the project in order to provide a well-informed estimate to our potential client. At this stage we would normally require access to source code as this vastly improve our ability to provide an accurate budget and resource schedule. We would normally have open communcation channels with your tech team or require a call to clarify some questions and assumptions

  • step 03proposal

    A proposal tailored to your needs will be provided by us normally 1-2 weeks after we have completed the estimation process. We would start to discuss with you the parameters of the agreement as we are flexible: Milestone; Retainer; Hybrid; Rev Share (sometimes)

  • step 04project start

    Once we have the contract in place and all the latest source code and assets from the source platform we are good to go.

  • step 05ms1 - straightforward port

    This is the first deliverable. It is the game running “as is” on the target platform. The game is playable, but not tailored to the target platform or heavily optimized yet. If, for instance, the game relies on mouse input and we were adapting it to console, we would at this stage simulate a mouse on the target console.

  • step 06ms2 - tailored build

    The game is tailored to what players and first parties expect from a game running on the target platform, embracing platform specific features as much as possible.

  • step 07ms3 - release candidate

    Any and all major bugs have been fixed, performance is on target and the game is ready for first party submission.

  • step 08gold master

    The game has been approved by first party and is ready for release.

  • step 09aftercare

    We provide tailored aftercare ranging from simply making sure issues discovered post-launch are addressed in a timely fashion to full maintenance / live ops where we keep the game on par with the source platform as it evolves through patches and DLC.

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